Starchild 2004 EP

by Starchild

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Bucky I vote someone put this, the self-titled, and Born Into Eternity out on a vinyl box set! Who's coming with me? Late to the Starchild game but they reside along the top shelf of my Bandcamp collection.
Frederick Jones
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Frederick Jones Great 4 track EP from Starchild. All 4 songs could be considered to be called a favorite. Just wish I had discovered these band earlier cause I was missing out on killer music. Favorite track: War of the Worlds.
paul rote
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paul rote Good psychedelic doom from 10 years ago. If you don't have this. Well here it is.! Favorite track: Born Into Eternity (demo version).


These songs were originally included on a 2004 split EP with the band REBREATHER.
"Born Into Eternity" was recorded again later and became the title track to Starchild's next release in 2006.

"This is one of the most monstrously heavy releases of the year. Starchild is reinventing Sabbath with an original interpretation timeless in its combination of classic heavy references and up-to-date feeling. Their carefully structured songs, harnessing the hypnotic power of repetition, boast the considerable echoing vocal talents and guitar prowess of Rick Bennett, not to mention the abilities of bassist Kenny O'Bara. He seems to have an intuitive feeling about when to rebel and when to play along. And the drums...ah yes...that Jucifer-like pounding must come from a 10-pound set of mallets instead of conventional drumsticks. That rhythm really brings the doom! But what really sets Starchild apart are the wonderful, spiritual lyrics. They're obsessed with cosmic meaning and almost Hawkwind-like in their druggy abstraction. Starchild's songs on this CD are well matched in their slow, stomping, doomy melodicism."


released November 10, 2014



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If Jimmy Page was in Black Sabbath.

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Track Name: Rainbow
Dove asend to ride the wind and sail into unknown
across the sea to olive tree oh my how you have grown

Bless the day return to say what we'd like to know
is where you been the grass is green and shines a new rainbow


the tide,the waves,the moon
a dove sings his tune
the wind,the world he's on
finding life alone
Track Name: War of the Worlds
God's wings of love are tearing your world apart
through years of tears of bleeding distorted heart
a land of truth over great divide
some day we'll all see visions of the other side

some let the chips fall baby,some like to choose
some gain the world and someday will have to loose
their dead end world on edge of time
some day we all see visions of the sublime
Track Name: Psychonaut
like pigeons with roving eyes
cruising through wall of lies
where angels fear to fly
the dying conception glides

Division within my mind
burning my dreams alive
when nothing's unable to try
its freedom never say die
Track Name: Born Into Eternity (demo version)
the season in life is through
a witness to truth is due
the sleeper awakened sings
as dreamers are lost in dreams

these children of earth behold
the fortunes of love are sold
as watchers they come to you
to see what they've put you through

but the flame in your eyes was like a knife in my heart
the tears that you cry drive a flood of your love
the weight of the world takes a ride on your back
the truth you unfold takes us right off the track

your message to life was new
the angels have eyes for you
when flesh of the ageless died
the message eternalized

the breath of your lungs a voice in the air
your words on the wind like your lips to my ear

falling tears of joy fills the canyon void
floods the ocean's leagues
alright yeah yeah yeah

spinning winding world
blue and gray sky swirled
laughing boys and girls
alright yeah yeah yeah